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Delivery Time

ordered before 5pm Monday to Friday, the product will normally ship the same day. While we do our best to maintain sufficient stock at all times, there might be times when we are in the process of re-ordering and there may be a short delay. This is typically 8-10 days max. 

How long will my battery WiFi camera last on a full-charge

between 5-6 hours on a full-charge

How to buy

Via email or at various trade shows.

How does the WiFi camera work

The wifi camera's generate their own wifi network and a suitable display or smart phone will display the image.


Not satisfied, can I return the product?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it in original undamaged packaging and we will refund you 100%. No questions asked.

Can I install them myself?

Yes. It is particularly easy. The camera will need 12-24V which is usually tapped from the positive (red) and black (negative).

What about the weather?

Eden's Light products are chosen for their durability. The cameras are weather-proof. We do not recommend spraying them with high pressure hoses as this may cause damage. 

Mounting position

Whether you use the camera as a reversing or rear-view mirror, you should mount is high on your vehicle and looking down. When using the camera inside a horse trailer, try to place the camera behind your horse (will also stop the horse from disturbing the camera).

Mounting your camera

There are various ways to mount the camera, depending on your vehicle, situation or the type of camera. The EL305 has a magnetic base and will attach very well to metal. Other camera are screw mounted or retrofits of original rear-view lights. 

Mounting the camera on a metal arm for more reach or onto a base which then can be bonded to your vehicle are also options. 

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.

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