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Cameras voor boerderijen en maneges

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The camera systems are available as 'bullet' or 'dome' versions and wireless or cabled. Further, each version is available as either a standard, a plus or a pro version, with increasing image quality and extra features.


Sounds complicated? Don't worry, we will be pleased to discuss your particular requirements and provide you with the optimal solution for your needs. No more and no less.

Great image quality

These cameras provide superior image quality. Depending on the model (plus, pro or standard) they offer images of very high quality. This is achieved using image sensors of 5-megapixel, 3-megapixel and 2-megapixel depending on the camera type.

5-megapixel comparable to 2.5 Full HD

3-megapixel comparable to 1.5 Full HD 

2-megapixel comparable to Full HD

Further, the cameras use noise reduction and HDR (High Dynamic Range) to give excellent life-like images.

Gemakkelijk aansluiten

Dit camerasysteem is door de fabrikant ontworpen voor de eindgebruiker in plaats van de installateur. U doorloopt de installatie in slechts een paar simpele, intuïtieve stappen. Het systeem is bovendien helemaal compleet. U ontvangt alles wat u nodig heeft om ‘m werkend te krijgen.

Eden's Light kan u hierin ondersteunen. Als u dit lieve aan een expert overlaat, laat ons dat dan even weten. 

Geschikt voor dichtbij en veraf


They PLUS and PRO use a high quality zoom lens and are therefore suitable for close and far.

You can choose between a wide angle view for larger areas or zoom in for more detail.


The zoom can be controlled via either the recorder or the app. The system uses auto-focussing so the images are always sharp. 

Perfecte beelden, ook 's nachts

The cameras use infra-red night vision. This is activated as soon as it becomes dark. 

The night vision capabilities of the cameras varies from 50m, 30m to 20m depending on the model type. They also use special sensors that ensure the images are not either over- or under-exposed for perfect night images.

Wekenlang opnemen

De recorders zijn ontworpen om 24/7 te werken en zijn muisstil. Camerabeelden worden vloeiend en in de hoogste kwaliteit opgeslagen. Zodra de harde schijf vol is worden de oudste beelden automatisch overschreven. 

De recorders zijn beschikbaar in 4000GB, 2000GB and 1000GB uitvoeringen, afhankelijk van de camera model.  


Sluit aan op elke tv of monitor


You can connect your camera system to a monitor or your TV using the HDMI cable supplied.

This allows you to watch multiple cameras simultaneously on your screen, focus on one enlarged image or switch between different cameras in sequence. You can also play back your saved images and use the zoom function to view selected images.


Smartphone app


Download the free app and scan the QR code on the recorder. You can then watch your images live from anywhere, view saved images or get a message when movement is detected. It's available for iOs and Android.  Free and no charges.  

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Watch via your computer


The user-friendly software allows you to log in from wherever you are and watch live or play back. Need to make small adjustments? No problem. The software is available for Windows and MacOS

Your images are secure


The system uses a built-in update to keep the system up to date. Access to your system is secured with a user name and pass word so only you or people you designate have access to your images. 

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Waterproof and vandalproof


The cameras are designed to be used in all weathers and are robust. The cables are incorporated in the base of the camera.

More information is available below. Best of all, give us a call to discuss.


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Because safety should not be optional

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